Sunday, October 12, 2008

Local Women 8.5 Combo Team News & Gossip

Rumors are floating around that an 8.5 Women combo team is training hard for state. The women on a certain team have been trying on different uniforms in the power colors of black and red and working out with the Superman soundtrack in the background. A little dissension has arisen because one team member only wears soft pastels. I wonder whose team this could be. Any ideas?

Bailey Earns 7A Central High School Title

Rebecca Bailey of Mount St. Mary defeated Savannah McMath of LR Central 6-3,6-0 for the tennis title. Bailey's aggressive game was too much for the consistant play of McMath. Darby Brandon of LR Central placed 3rd, Abby Whittaker of Mount St. Mary 4th, Stephanie Gray of Russellville 5th, Tess Bradford of Conway High 6th.
In Doubles play Jenny Lyles / Lindsey Lyles of Mount St. Mary placed 1st, Jennifer Word / Jessica Word of Van Buren 2nd, J. Rowan / L. Franz of Mount St. Mary 3rd, K. Holcomb / T. Brazzell of LR Central 4th, M. Schallhorn / S. Straus of LR Central 5th, A. Ridenhour / H. McWilliams of Russellville 6th.

Martinez Holds Off Drussard for 7A-Central Title

Mario Martinez of LR Central used his lethal forehand to overcome a gritty performance by Chris Drussard of Conway High for the 7A Central Tennis Title. Martinez def. Drussard 6-4, 6-2 to earn the right to play for the state title next week with the top six players.
Roy Rainey of LR Catholic placed 3rd, Gray Colton of LR Central 4th, Jared Hill of Van Buren 5th, and Jeff Warndoff of Russellville 6th.
In doubles Ian Wilson /John Makris of LR Central placed 1st, Chris Combs / Steven Spaulding LR Catholic 2nd, H. Stolz / J. Griffen of Russellville 3rd, T. Dunn / K. Bagwell of Van Buren 4th, R. Colton / C. Watts of LR Central 5th, c. Knickrehm / T. Weigle of LR Catholic 6th.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Local Men's 3.0 Team- Kavi/Sudheer Has Successful Southern Sectional Run

Central Arkansas Men's 3.0 Team- Kavi/Sudheer had a successful sectional run. The team consisted of Sudheer G. Kavi, Justin Story, Avinash Richard Harding, Jim Metheny, James Vick, Stuart M. Scheiderer, Venkat Rn Sagi, John C. Hoffmann, Bubba Brossett, Adam Zimmerman, John Mathison, and Vincent Ong. They posted a 2win/2loss sectional record.
Hoffmann and Harding were undefeated in singles play. Brossett and Scheiderer(which rhymes with Federer and plays like him too) posted a doubles win in each of their 2 victories. Congrats on a great season!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jason Lyon 7.5 Men's Combo Leads Central Arkansas Team Standings

Jason Lyon's 7.5 Men's Combo team maintained its lead in Central Arkansas. Team members with wins over the weekend of October 5, 2008 include the combo pairings of Jason Lyon and John Hoffmann with 2 wins, Abhishek Shrestha and Dennis Ellington with 1 win, and Gary Balentine and Chuck Cavin with 1 win.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Petri/Eby Coast To Tennis Victory

October 1, 2008: In their usual fashion Ed Petri and Bill Eby defeated their opposition Johnny Green and Jim Dockins 6-2, 6-0 in the Burns Park Super Seniors Recreational Meeting that occurs weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Petri's backhand service return and Bill Eby's solid performance carried them to a surprisingly easy victory.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Local 7.5 Ark. Women's Team Update

Local 7.5 Ark. Women's Team Update

Judy Wood def. Michelle Stearns(PVCC) 3-0
Devona Shelton (LRAC) def. Holmes/ Kennedy(LRAC) 3-0
Christy Bray(chenal) def. Grace/Palecek 2-1
Christy Bray(chenal) def. Palmer/Bennett-LR 2-1
Cain/Hastings(CCLR) def. Kathy Perkins(LRAC) 2-1