Friday, September 28, 2012

Mark Vaught's Overspending Causes City of Conway's Financial Woes

To the Left: The Condition of the City of Conway Finances Before Mark Vaught Took Office....... To the Right: The Condition of the City of Conway Finances After Mark Vaught Leaves Office....... Job Performance Matters!!! We don't need Mark Vaught causing Financial Ruin at the Faulkner County level!!!........Political Ad Paid For By: Citizens For Responsible Govt

Monday, September 10, 2012

Arkansas Women's Senior 4.0 Team from Ft. Smith Captures USTA Southern Adult League Championships

Arkansas Women's Sr. 4.0 Team from Fort Smith captained by Anita Woodard finished 1st at the USTA Adult League Southern Section Championships. The Arkansas team destroyed its opponents enroute to an easy 3-0 victory in the finals against the Mississippi team from Greenville captained by Margie Lee. At #1 DOUBLES, Shelly Hollis/ Dawn Stovall def. Evelyn J. Edwards/Margie Lee 6-2 7-6. At #2 DOUBLES,Kim E. Delatin/Teresa R. Goodnoh def. Kathy A. Avis/Elmertha D. Burton 6-1 6-4. At #3 DOUBLES, Kim Wohlford/Janice K. Taylor def. Lynn D. Cox/Delma C. Brown 6-3 6-4. Team members include Anita J. Woodard, Kim E. Delatin, Dawn W. Stovall, Janice K. Taylor, Meg Canfield, Trudy E. Hindley, Teresa R. Goodnoh, Loretta J. Wilson, Kim Wohlford, Shelly Hollis, and Mary E. Kennemer. Congratulations to these Ladies and Good Luck at Nationals!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mark Vaught, Conway Politician and Rec Tennis Player, Caught Dumpster Diving

Mark Vaught, Conway Politician and Recreational Tennis Player, was caught dumpster diving. City Alderman Vaught along with other city officials misappropriated city revenues causing a huge budget shortfall. Desperately needing cash reserve funds, Vaught and his cohorts raided Conway Corp's Sanitation reserves in order to balance the city's checkbook. Mark Vaught is now seeking a Faulkner County position. The county offices have always acted responsibly and efficiently and don't need Vaught bouncing checks in their departments......Political Ad Paid For By: Citizens For Lower Taxes