Friday, July 9, 2010

As the Economy Falters, Leslie Pfeiffer's Salary as The Executive Director of ATA Balloons to over $91,000

The Executive Director position of the Arkansas Tennis Association (ATA)is a very nice job during hard economic times. After reviewing the Federal Form 990 for Organizations Exempt From Taxes, Leslie Pfeiffer earned over $91,000 in 2008. Not a bad job considering it was an increase from over $69,000 in the previous year, and comparable salaries in neighboring state tennis associations are around $50,000.

While businesses are cutting salaries and jobs during these times, the ATA is enjoying its time lining their own pockets, attending lavish social tennis events, and supplying staff with free cell phones. Why does our executive director earn $91,000 while other state tennis associations pay $50,000? Check out page 7 on Form 990 to verify these figures!

The Form 990 is open to public view by going to the link below:

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