Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jake Jacoby and Emily Metcalf win the Overall Arkansas State High School Tennis Championships

Jake Jacoby (pictured right) of Pulaski Academy defeated Trent Brandon of Arkansas Baptist 6-4, 6-3 for the Boy's Singles Title in the Overall Arkansas State High School Tennis Championships. Emily Metcalf (pictured below) of Valley View defeated Tatum Rice of  Lakeside, Hot Springs 6-4, 6-2 to win the Girl's Singles division title.

In reaching the Boys' Finals, Jacoby defeated Edward Zhao of LR Central 6-0, 6-2 in the Semi-finals. Brandon reached the Finals by defeating Christian Mathis of Mtn. Home 6-2, 4-6, 7-6 in the other Semi-final.

Enroute to the Girls' finals, Metcalf defeated Lindsay Pearce of FS Southside 6-1, 6-1 in the Semi-finals. Rice reached the finals by defeating Alye Darter of Rogers 7-5, 6-3 in the other Semi-final.

In the Overall High School Doubles divisions, Grayson Greer/Hunter Harrison of Pulaski Academy defeated Kauffman/Hill of Lakeside, Hot Springs 6-4, 7-6 for the Boys' title. Tiffany Tang/Katherine Tang of Rogers defeated Tabler/Dinsmore of Bentonville 6-2, 6-1 for the Girl's title.

The winners of the singles/doubles titles in each conference are as follows:

7A Boy's Singles- Dylan Deluca-Bentonville          
7A Girl's Singles- Alye Darter-Heritage

7A Boy's Doubles- Kamath/Smardo-Fayetteville  
7A Girl's Doubles- Tang/Tang-Rogers

6A Boy's Singles- Christian Mathis-Mtn. Home     
6A Girl's Singles- Kami Ward-Lake Hamilton

6A Boy's Doubles- Edwards/McKee-Jonesboro  
6A Girl's Doubles- Henson/Gamberini-Lake Hmltn

5A Boy's Singles- Jake Jacoby-Pul. Academy         5A Girl's Singles- Tatum Rice-Lakeside
5A Boy's Doubles- Kauffman/Hill-Lakeside             5A Girl's Doubles- Allen/Howe-Lakeside
4A Boy's Singles- Trent Brandon-AR Baptist           4A Girl's Singles- Emily Metcalf-Valley View
4A Boy's Doubles-Moser/Brooks-Subiaco              4A Girl's Dbls- McAlexander/McAlexander, VV

3A Boy's Singles- Jack Nolan-Episcopal                  3A Girl's Singles- Meredith Headlee-Episcopal
3A Boy's Doubles- Yoo/Nichols-Episcopal              3A Girl's Doubles- Lanier/Pigh-Episcopal

2A Boy's Singles- Luke Anderson-Mulberry             2A Girl's Singles- Emma Warnock-Union Chrstn
2A Boy's Doubles- Hargrove/Jones-WestSide,GF    2A Girl's Dbls- Brumley/Stackhouse-Parkers Chpl

Article Submitted by: Chuck Cavin, Pinnacle Tennis Academy

Sunday, October 6, 2013

FREE Cabot Women's Tennis Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th....Beginners Welcome!!!

FREE Cabot Women's Tennis Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th. This "Introduction to Tennis" class is for beginners from ages18 to 55. This class is designed to progress into the Fun, Friendly
Atmosphere that Women's League Play offers!!!

Contact- or call the office at 501-570-6755

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FREE Conway Women's Tennis Clinic Scheduled for Saturday, October 12th

FREE Conway Women's Tennis Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, October 12th. This "Introduction to Tennis" class is for beginners from ages18 to 55. This class is designed to progress into the Fun, Friendly Atmosphere that Women's League Play offers!!!

Contact- or call the office at 501-570-6755

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Free Cabot Junior Tennis Program begins its Fall Season on Monday, September 23rd

#arkansas tennis, #junior tennis, #tennis lessons
The Free Cabot Junior Tennis Program begins its Fall Season on Monday, September 23rd. This 4-week tennis lesson plan is free for children ages 6-14.

Contact- or call the office at 501-570-6755.

#arkansas tennis, #cabot tennis, #junior tennis, #tennis lessons, #tennis camps

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Free Conway Junior Tennis Program begins its Fall Season on September 17th

#arkansas tennis, #junior tennis, #tennis lessons

The Free Conway Junior Tennis Program begins its Fall Season on September 17th. This 4-week tennis lesson plan is free for children ages 6-14. Contact Chuck Cavin at or call the office at 501-570-6755.

#arkansas tennis, #conway tennis, #junior tennis, #tennis lessons, #tennis camps

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Max Mendelsohn and Katelyn Jackson are the Top Ranked Arkansas Junior Tennis Players in the Southern Section

Max Mendelsohn and Katelyn Jackson, both of Little Rock are the top-ranked Arkansas Junior tennis players in the Southern Section of the United States Tennis Association. Currently, Max Mendelsohn is ranked #4 in the Southern Boy's 14s and #37 in the Boy's 16s. Katelyn Jackson is ranked #4 in the Southern Girl's 18s.

Other Arkansas Juniors ranked in the Top 100 of the Southern Section are as follows:

Boy's 18s
21    Cramer, Taylor   
27    Jacoby, Jake   
59    Brandon, Trent   
62    Terrell, Branch   
74    Olaya, Julio R.   
84    Guy, Cole Chapman

Girl's 18s
4    Jackson, Katelyn   
41    Wright, Mary   
42    Carr, Jacqueline Ariana

Boy's 16s
37    Mendelsohn, Maxwell Lawrence

Girl's 16s
10    Metcalf, Emily Ann   
36    Carr, Jacqueline Ariana
79    Darter, Alye   
83    Rice, Tatum Brooke

Boy's 14s
4    Mendelsohn, Maxwell Lawrence
50    Chakka, Anil   
54    Harrison, Hunter Matthew
89    Simpson, Jeff   
91    Kauffman, Spencer

Girl's 14s
7    Rice, Tatum Brooke    Hot Springs   
27    LaFrance, Katie Perdue   
40    Rice, Thea Hale    Hot Springs   
66    Gibbens, Caroline M   
72    Baker, Emma MeiYuan

 Boy's 12s
12    Barnett, Wesley  
33    Rogers, Foster  
42    Davis, Jackson  
53    Johnson, Conner Nicklaus
57    Weeks, Steven Douglas
69    Nolan, Henry  
73    Swope, Hayden  
83    Greer, Christian  
86    Rouse, Eli    Jonesboro
93    Tabor, Scott Edward
96    Hernandez, Seth Julian
98    Richardson, Eric

Girl's 12s
25    McKee, Maddie   
54    Southerland, Presley   
63    Killingsworth, Brooke Elizabeth
68    Maurras, Evelyn    Jonesboro
93    Hafner, Cameron

Boy's 10s
13    Rouse, Ryan John   
20    Mars, Thomas   
31    Hughes, Matt   
41    Richardson, Ethan   
43    Swope, Carter   
44    Brown, Holden Worthing
52    Harrell, Isaac   
70    Butler, Noah   
73    Byrd, Nathaniel

Girl's 10s
6    Richardson, Elizabeth
35    Greer, Piper   
39    Rogers, Cydney Blair   
61    Hughes, Caroline   
64    Janes, Mary-Jewel   
68    Orr, Maggie   
69    Coleman, Eleanor M.
70    Shinabery, Allison   
71    Payne, Jenna Davis

Monday, July 22, 2013

Andy Jackson named Men's Head Tennis Coach of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Andy Jackson, newly hired head coach at Arkansas,  has 29 years of head coaching experience at Florida and Mississippi State and is the only coach to win an SEC Men's Tennis Title at two different schools. The Razorbacks are hoping to be the third school that Jackson guides to an SEC Title.

Jackson most recently served as the Men’s Head Coach at Florida from 2001-12, winning 209 matches, the third-highest total in school history, after inheriting a team that was 9-17 the year before he arrived. He led the Gators to conference titles in 2003 and 2005 and SEC Tournament crowns in 2003 and 2011 and was named SEC Coach of the Year in 2002 and 2005.

Expect some new additions to the team roster of Hall Fess, Jacob Herndon, Victor Hoang, Manfred Jeske, Christian Lee, Gregoire Lehmann, Santiago Munoz, Mike Nott, Jovan Parlic, Austin Robles, Pete Thomason, and Mike Ward.    

Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Arkansas State NTRP League Team Tennis Champions

The 2013 Arkansas State NTRP League Tennis Championship results are in and the Winners are.........

Adult 18 & Older

Men's 4.5 (18 & over) Winner: Phelps/Fairley of LR(LRRC)
Team members: Bradford J. Phelps, Otto R. Fry, Carter Fairley, Guillermo Hernandez, Jay M. Heflin, Wyatt Miller, Joseph S. Murphy, Shawn E. Bourdo, Marc W. Heflin, Patrick H. Murphy, Eugene P. Clifford, Richard Evans Dietz, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Klaus Schmidt, Eddie Bailey, and Bynum T. Matthews

Women's 4.5 (18 & over) Winner: Fleshman/Palecek of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Tara S. Fleshman, Dottie Highfill, Wendy R. Mikula, Megan M. Janes, Marcie Palecek, Cindy Jo Lucas, Mary Ann Rhoades, Jill Waters, Lindsey J Prince, Stephanie B. Kyser, and Rony K. Hill

Men's 4.0 (18 & over) Winner: Holiman of LR(LRRC)
Team members: Jeffrey Bruce Holiman, Wes Lacewell, Koya Yokota, Adam Zimmerman, James R Ramsay, Marc A. Nixon, Ken Berry, Charlie Kinser, Richard L. Fincher, Adam W Raines, Travis Rowan, Chris M. Collins, Danny Howard, and Jacob J. McDaniels

Women's 4.0 (18 & over) Winner: Grace-Bethel of LR(CCLR)
Team members: Eden M. Raines, Becky Norris, Cara Nolan, Debbie Bass, Melanie Grace, Nicole Daniel, Jennifer G. Bethel, Katherine J. Allen, Sarah Beth Smart, Mary Ann Moore, Jessie Walker, Michele M Meadors, Mary Kathryn Nelson, Gina Richey, Stacy A. De Jarnette, and Ashley Knickrehm

Men's 3.5 (18 & over) Winner: Cantey-Taylor of Bentonville(WLFC)
Team members: David K Taylor, Tong-Sing Puang, Jerome R. Johnson, Jason Stanley, Ignacio Garcia, Miguel Angel Contreras, Jason Cantey,  Lawrence Kenneth Sammuli,  David Brennan Tessier, William Lewis Costley, Russ Hamilton, and Shawn Baldwin

Women's 3.5 (18 & over) Winner: Bohnert of Rogers(PCC)
Team members: Jennifer Lynn Bohnert, Holli Pierce Hutchinson, Melanie Arterbury, Ann M. Lindsey, Donna Carol Field, Kristen Caldwell, Bonny Tovar, Mindy Gordy, Paige Elizabeth Ferguson, Kimberly Lynn Chronister, Carrie Overton, Dana Rosellini, and Gill Lois M Page

Men's 3.0 (18 & over) Winner: Gentry of Fayetteville(FAC)
Team members: Aron L Gentry, David R. Will, Hubert Mendonca, Bobby Stacy, Lewis McClendon, Chris Holloway, Jeff R Jezewski, John Gaber, Herbert F. Crum, and Marty Don Reed

Women's 3.0 (18 & over) Winner- McClendon-Lefforgeof Fayetteville(FAC)
Team members: Julie W. McClendon, Kelly Benson, Deidre Lea, Anne H. Martfeld, Steffanie Fowler, Juliette T. Toothaker, Gwendy Milner Lefforge, Michelle Stacy, Brittany Adair, Jennifer Jane Jezewski, Sara Beth Bockelman, Shannon Lynn Keever, Christine J. Daugherty, and Barbara Noland    

Women's 2.5 (18 & over) Winner: Corley-Roman of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Christie Roman, Jessica Stagg, Traci A Kiernan, Brooke Corley, Mystie Jaggers Williams, Kyla Rabeneck Bryant, and Natalie Ann Griffin

Adult 40 & Older

Men's 4.5 (40 & over) Winner: Murphy/Miller of LR(CCLR)
Team members: Wyatt Miller,    Guillermo Hernandez, Greg W. Fess, Alejandro A Alcazar Rivas, John Stanley Bailey, Paul R. Hart, Bynum T. Matthews, Scott T Hunter, William L. LaFerney, Joseph S. Murphy, Derrial Armstrong, Gary A. Jones, and Martin B. Kajevski   

Women's 4.5 (40 & over) Winner: McColey of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Tamara L. McColey, Paula R. Tinsley, Cathy Mackey, Diane L. Werner, Gina Richey, Sally Stokes, Vanessa L. Pruitt, Leslie M. Biagioni, Leslye Gibbens, Judi H. Fess, Amanda W. Gore, Gail Nankervis, Leslie A. Jackson, Jan P. Alman, Shan W. Parker, and Vanessa Roper

Men's 4.0 (40 & over) Winner: Bogoslavsky of NLR(BP)
Team members: Abe Bogoslavsky, Danny L. Cole, Pat W. Scherrey, Danny N. Moye, delane labat, Chris Palmer, Mark A. Willis, Wilson C. Smith, John Shellenberger, Ira E. Moore, Paul W. Fisher, Brian Seewald, and Charles Hartsell

Women's 4.0 (40 & over) Winner: Haynes/Gillispie of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Holly A. Haynes, Martha F. James, Sally Stokes, Cindy T. Eoff, Devona Shelton, Debbie M. Doan, Donna Devine, Pamela S. Mueller, Kim A. Aylett, Camille Katheryne LaGrossa, Tammy Lukacs, Nikki J. Turney, Leslie King-Gillispie, Lori Michelle Kagy, Beth Wilborne, and Tricia L. Buchman

Men's 3.5 (40 & over) Winner: Sylvester of Rogers(SVCC)
Team members: Beau Sylvester, Steve Phillips, Allan F Barci, Max Bachman, Lance Harris, Charles Gray, Jason Cantey, Tong-Sing Puang, David K Taylor, William Lewis Costley, Ignacio Garcia, and Steven Hinkebein

Women's 3.5 (40 & over) Winner: Blalock of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Michelle Blalock, Margaret A. Minshall, Jonie D. Burks, Kitty Smith, Kathryn P. Peacock, Katie Alice Staggs, Tracy H. Van Dover, Jennifer Ellen Fielding, Laurie Houff, Caroline W. Fox, Shana K. Meyer, Jody Ann Purifoy, Allison Baker, Michele L. Stearns, and Jennifer Moline

Men's 3.0 (40 & over) Winner: Blevins-Cooper of Bentonville(BV)
Team members: Hershel Blevins, William Russell, Joe Van Den Berg, Robert Hodgson, Randy Duane Conover, Richard Ims, David C. Moore, Tim Clark, tim shawn sullivan, Mark Alan Hufford, Tommy Coppick, Ivan Hristoskov, and Nicholas Charles Nersesian

Women's 3.0 (40 & over) Winner: Reed-Lindsey of Fayetteville(FAC)
Team members: Cynthia Dawn Seagraves-Reed, Gwendy Milner Lefforge, Stacy Hollis, Christine J. Daugherty, Natalie Jo Lindsey, Jennifer Jane Jezewski, Carrie Martin Wolf, Barbara Noland, Betty R. Sharp, Kelly Benson, Sara Beth Bockelman, Steffanie Fowler, Julie W. McClendon, Juliette T. Toothaker, and Shannon Lynn Keever

Adult 55 & Older

Men's 4.0 (55 & over) Winner: Tierman of Bentonville(IND)
Team members: Steve Tiernan, David Ferrell, Jjames Fessler, John D Flynn, Patrick Hamby, John P. Wheeler, David A. Short, Tom McCartan, Paul M. Pautsch, Jan W. Coester, Richard Ginsberg, and Mark T. Wilson

Women's 4.0 (55 & over) Winner: Bowen/Morrell of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Mary H. Bowen, Patricia L. Johnson, Debbie M. Doan, Joann McCoy, Cynthia W. Anderson, Elizabeth M. Thalheimer, Mindy C. Morrell, Linda M. Lasater, Melanie D. Lamkin, Pamela S. Mueller, and Jackie Roberts

Men's 3.5 (55 & over) Winner: Fowlkes of Conway(BP)
Team members: Gayle H. Fowlkes, Robert R. Bearden, Alan Stewart, Thomas L. Cloninger,  Jim Dockins, Cliff Garrison, John W. Andrews, Johnny E. Hibbs, Kerry L. Cates, and Donald F. Miller

Women's 3.5 (55 & over) Winner: Schaeffer of LR(LRAC)
Team members: Anita Schaeffer, Susan Toler, Diane Boland, Becky B Arthur, Becky A. Marks, Deborah J. Dennie, Marci H. Hall, Sandra Brown, Paula B Aultz, Charlotte A. Freeman, Sharon A. Adkins, and Robin M. Dehaven

Men's 3.0 (55 & over) Winner: Wright of Hot Springs(HSV)
Team members: Steven C Wright, Keith Wilkins, Earl Stockdale, Jerry Young, Charles Edward Willard, Arthur D. Hartman, Bill White, and Richard Thomas Adkins

Women's 3.0 (55 & over) Winner: Rhoads of NLR(BP)
Team members: Christy Ann Rhoads, Carla White Choate, Mary Lou Suitt, Betsy McClendon, Paula Webber Hibbs, Joyce Fiddler, Alysanne Crymes, Susann Walters, Debra Ann Westmoreland, Susan E. Cloninger, Sheila L. Pease, and Kathy Elisabeth Henson

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quality Adult & Junior Tennis Camps, Clinics, Programs Offered Across The State of Arkansas

Summer is a great time to learn "The Game of Tennis". Adult and Junior Tennis Camps/Clinics/Programs are offered across the state of Arkansas. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced tennis lessons are available for adults and juniors including Quick-Start Tennis Programs. Below is a short list of quality tennis instruction programs for all ages in alphabetical order of the cities in which they are located.

City/ Contact Name /Phone Number

Cabot / Chuck Cavin / 501-570-6755

Conway / Chuck/Cavin / 501-570-6755

Fayetteville/ Jake Shoemake/ 479-204-1009

Hot Springs/ Ronnie Bran / 501-624-2153

Jonesboro /Gary Jones / 870-932-6556

Little Rock/ Raul Bermudez/ 501-766-1119

Texarkana/ Billy Power/ 903-244-4061

Friday, May 3, 2013

Georgia Bulldogs Seal SEC Conference Tennis Title With Win Over Arkansas

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. --- The second-ranked Georgia men's tennis team used a road win over Arkansas to clinch a share of the 2013 Southeastern Conference regular-season championship. The Bulldogs defeated the No. 53 Razorbacks 4-1 at the Billingsley Tennis Center in Fayetteville, securing a 35th overall conference title and the program's 27th regular-season crown - the most of any SEC school. Arkansas falls to 0-13 in conference play from a very tough SEC conference schedule.

Junior Garrett Brasseaux of Georgia sealed the victory with his 6-3, 6-2 win over Victor Hoang of Arkansas at No. 6 to make it 4-1. Incidentally, Brasseaux also clinched Georgia's SEC title as a freshman in 2011 vs. South Carolina. 

Arkansans might remember Garrett Brasseaux as a former Southern Closed 18s junior champion that was left unseeded by Leslie Pfeiffer when Arkansas hosted the Southern Closed 18s at Burns Park Tennis Center, causing the biggest uproar among parents and coaches at the event. Pfeiffer, the ATA Executive Director and Tournament Referee at the time, neglected to recognize Brasseaux as the previous year champion and his ITF ranking. Parents of Casey and Whitney Kay notified officials at the Southern Tennis Association of this huge seeding blunder which caused Brasseaux to knock off seeded players earlier than expected and ruined the half of the draw where Brasseaux was placed.

Singles competition

1. Gregoire Lehmann (ARK) vs. #11 KU Singh (UG) 4-6, 4-4, unfinished

2. #53 Nathan Pasha (UG) def. Manfred Jeske (ARK) 6-0, 6-1

3. Mike Nott (ARK) vs. Austin Smith (UG) 6-4, 1-6, 0-1, unfinished

4. Hernus Pieters (UG) def. Mike Ward (ARK) 6-1, 6-3

5. Marco Nunez (UG) def. Santiago Munoz (ARK) 6-4, 6-4

6. Garrett Brasseaux (UG) def. Victor Hoang (ARK) 6-3, 6-2

Doubles competition

1. #41 Nathan Pasha/Garrett Brasseaux (UG) def. #35 Manfred Jeske/Mike Nott (ARK) 8-5

2. Mike Ward/Gregoire Lehmann (ARK) def. KU Singh/Austin Smith (UG) 8-6

3. Hall Fess/Santiago Munoz (ARK) def. Eric Diaz/Marco Nunez (UG) 8-2

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The USTA Pro Circuit- St. Vincent Tour de Paul Tournament begins April 15th at Pleasant Valley Country Club

The longest running event on the USTA Pro Circuit is proudly hosted right here in Little Rock. St. Vincent Auxiliary has sponsored this men's professional tennis tournament since 1984 after Harry Criner brought this tournament to Little Rock with the prodding of former teaching pro Johnny Johnson. The 2013 tournament will run the week of April 15th with the finals on April 21st and will be played at Pleasant Valley Country Club.

Also, as one of the Tour de Paul Professional Tennis Tournament’s many events, St. Vincent is bringing the IMG/Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy to Little Rock April 12 – 15 to conduct junior and Adult tennis clinics.  The money raised by the clinics will go directly to several local charities that St. Vincent supports.

A few highlights from the players admitted in the 2013 main draw:

Alex Bogdanovic (#310) lost in the Little Rock finals two years ago to Arnau Brugues-Davi
Chase Buchanan (#354) played at Ohio State
Austin Krajicek (#420) played at Texas A&M
Reid Carleton (#459) played at Duke (Carleton played LR last year)
Jason Jung (#543) at Michigan
Eric Quigley (#560) played at Kentucky
Kaden Hensel (#554) played at Tennessee (won doubles in LR in 2009)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rafael Nadal Completes Comeback with Major Hardcourt Victory at BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA

INDIAN WELLS, California (Reuters) - Rafa Nadal added another triumphant chapter to his remarkable comeback story by beating Juan Martin Del Potro in the BNP Paribas Open final on Sunday to win his third title of the year.

The Spanish left-hander was sidelined for seven months last year with a left knee injury but has been in stunning form since he returned, reaching four straight finals and compiling a 17-1 record to start the year.

Nadal had to come from a set and 1-3 down to beat Argentine Del Potro 4-6 6-3 6-4 and take his 22nd ATP Masters title and a third at Indian Wells.

"I'm very, very happy and very emotional," said 11-times grand slam champion Nadal, who flopped to the ground, flat on his back, shaking his fists in celebration after sealing the win over Del Potro.

Maria Sharapova Captures 2013 BNP Paribas Open Title in Indian Wells, CA

INDIAN WELLS, California (Reuters) - Maria Sharapova played aggressively from the start to win her first title since last year's French Open with a 6-2 6-2 demolition of Caroline Wozniacki in the BNP Paribas Open final on Sunday.

In a showdown between two former world number ones, the second-seeded Russian overpowered the Dane with a ruthless display, breaking her twice in each set to seal victory in one hour 21 minutes.

Sharapova was in attack mode throughout with an array of deep groundstrokes and superb serving to claim her second title at Indian Wells after winning for the first time in 2006.

The 25-year-old Russian ended the match in champion style with a 109 mph service winner before raising both arms skywards in celebration. "What makes it so special is when you end up as the champion, that's why I am smiling," a beaming Sharapova said courtside after extending her run of at least one WTA title each year since 2003.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

FREE Cabot Junior Tennis Program Begins Its Spring Session

The Free Cabot Junior Tennis Program begins its Spring 2013 Session and continues on every Monday and Wednesday. This 6-week tennis lesson plan by Pinnacle Tennis Academy that meets as an afterschool program is free for children ages 7-14. Contact Chuck/Cindy at or call the office at 501-570-6755.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FREE Conway Junior Tennis Program Starts March 5th

The FREE Conway Junior Tennis Program begins its 2013 Spring Session on March 5th.

This program is a 6-week session designed for ages 7 to 14 years old and meets every Tuesday and Thursday.

Call the Pinnacle Tennis Academy at 501-570-6755 or email

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tone Up with Tennis!!! Get Fit Today!

If you are looking for a fun, challenging way to lose weight and tone your body, then try tennis! Spending extra time on a tennis court chasing a little yellow ball will give you toned legs, sculpted arms, and a killer core while having fun, too.

Here are some of the benefits of tennis for weight loss and body tone...

- Tennis is a sport that really requires you to keep moving. The more you move, the more calories you burn. As you dash around the court chasing the ball, you will be running, jumping, hopping and skipping without even realizing it.

- Tennis conditions your body not only for weight loss, but also for building up lean, strong muscles as well. You do not have to lose weight to play tennis, or be conditioned in any way, because a great deal of the conditioning will come from the game play itself.

- Tennis easily burns more calories than walking or running and better conditions your body as well. Because tennis involves moving around to catch the ball, using your arms to swing your racquet and using your abdominals to power your swings, you are using a large part of your entire body all at once.

- Tennis is easily one of the most enjoyable activities for weight loss that you can participate in. So get your friends together and have some fun. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish by using tennis as a weight loss strategy!

Whether or not you’re trying to lose weight, tone your muscles or simply stay fit, tennis is a great way to have fun, socialize and burn calories. All physical activity burns calories like standing, sitting and sleeping, but a game of tennis burns more calories than even running or walking.

To learn more about the Game of Tennis and the Health Benefits that  You can Enjoy,  Call Cindy/Chuck at 501-570-6755 or Email- for a scheduled lesson appointment.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

World Class Pro Tennis Comes to Memphis on Feb. 16-24

The Racquet Club of Memphis is the only private club in the world to host a professional ATP Men's 500 Series Event and WTA Women's International Event as a combined indoor tennis event.

The 2013 U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championships will be played February 16-24, 2013.
The men's draw will feature the young rising star Milos Raonic of Canada and our own Southern tennis star John Isner. Another Southern Favorite will be Jamie Hampton of Alabama who will compete in the women's draw. For tournament details please visit or call (901) 765-4401.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arkansas Junior Tennis Rankings- 2012 Tentative Final Rankings

Reed Churchill and Lindsy Pearce are the #1 ranked Arkansas junior tennis players for the 2012 season in the Boy's18 and Girl's 18 singles divisions. Other top-ranked players include:
Boy's 16s- Trent Brandon              Girl's 16s- Emily Metcalf
Boy's 14s- Marshall Ney               Girl's 14s- Emma Baker
Boy's 12s- Brandon Lupinek         Girl's 12s- Maddie McKee
Boy's 10s- JohnMaurras                Girl's 10s- Ashlee Shinabery            
Boy's 18s
1. Churchill, David Reed/Fayetteville
2. Guy, Cole Chapman/Pine Bluff
3. Sheppard, Jordan    /Bentonville
4. Cramer, Taylor/Texarkana
5. Henry, Kyle/Fayetteville

Girl's 18s
1. Pearce, Lindsy/Fort Smith   
2. Tang, Tiffany/Rogers
3. Wright, Mary/Hot Springs
4. Metcalf, Emily Ann/Jonesboro
5. Tarwater, Annie/Texarkana   

Boy's 16s
1. Brandon, Trent/Little Rock
2. Jacoby, Jake/Little Rock
3. Deluca, Dylan/Bentonville
4. Talbert, Matt/Hot Springs
5. Greer, Grayson S./Little Rock

Girl's 16s
1..Metcalf, Emily Ann/Jonesboro
2. Branum, Katherine/Jonesboro
3. Darter, Alye/Rogers
4. Beaver, Alexis/Fayetteville   
5. Coopersmith, Nicole/Pine Bluff

Boy's 14s
1. Ney, Marshall Smith/Rogers
2. Kauffman, Spencer/Hot Springs
3. Harrison, Hunter Matthew/Little Rock
4. Hill, Jack Henry/Hot Springs
5. MacKey, Connor/Jonesboro

Girl's 14s
1. Baker, Emma MeiYuan/Bentonville
2. Rice, Tatum Brooke/Hot Springs
3. Coopersmith, Nicole/Pine Bluff
4. Nettle, Catherine Mary/Bentonville
5 Ward, Kami Rave/Hot Springs

Boy's 12s
1. Lupinek, Brandon D/North Little Rock   
2. Barnett, Wesley/Little Rock   
3. Rouse, Eli/Jonesboro
4. Rogers, Foster/Little Rock
5. Chakka, Anil/Little Rock

Girl's 12s
1. McKee, Maddie/Jonesboro   
2. lucas, margaret porter/Little Rock
3. Rice, Thea Hale/Hot Springs
4. Maurras, Evelyn/Jonesboro   
5. Roper, Hunter/Jonesboro

Boy's 10s
1. Maurras, John/Jonesboro
2. Rouse, Ryan John    / Jonesboro   
3. Mars, Thomas/Rogers   
4. Dassinger, M Sidney/Little Rock   
5. Swope, Hayden/Rogers

Girl's 10s
1. Shinabery, Ashlee/Jonesboro
2. Richardson, Elizabeth/Jonesboro
3. Greer, Piper/Little Rock
4. Shelton, Madison/Jonesboro
5. Killingsworth, Brooke Elizabeth/Rogers 

*** See Comments for the Top 50 Ranked Players

Article Submitted By: Chuck Cavin at Pinnacle Tennis Academy