Tuesday, August 18, 2009

USTA Promotes Quick-Start Tennis Programs Across America

USTA has rolled out a mass advertising campaign across America to promote Adult and Junior Tennis Programs in its Quick Start Tennis Format to reach out to the beginning adults and children who are trying out various sports. These programs offer some positive aspects for the game, but also have different drawbacks. USTA is using the promotion of these programs to reach out to youths at an earlier age. The use of smaller racquets and foam balls make the game easier for these youths. As these youths develop their tennis game, are these programs slowing the growth of a young tennis player by preventing him/her from using valuable time to graduate to a full court? Please offer your input as to the pros and cons of these Quick Start Tennis Programs!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parker Allen and Kara Williams Hold Points Lead in Race for Top Arkansas Junior Tennis Honor

Parker Allen of Hot Springs(pictured right) and Kara Williams of Jonesboro(pictured below) lead the current field of juniors vying for the top ranking in the Arkansas junior tennis rankings for 2009. Parker Allen holds the top position in the Boys' 18 singles with a slight point lead over Mario Martinez of Maumelle. Kara Williams leads Oksana Hillyer by a few points in the Girls' 18 singles. Lindsey Liles of Little Rock has a huge lead in the point standings of the Girls' 16 singles. Austin Crawford tops the field of candidates in the Boys' 16 singles.

***See 1st thru 10th comments for all current Arkansas Junior Rankings***

Friday, August 7, 2009

Arkansas Teams Capture Southern Sectional Championships

The 2.5 Women's Team- Owenby/Fayetteville, the 4.0 Men's Team- Archer/ Little Rock, and the 3.5 Senior Women's Team- Hunter & Holmes/ Little Rock captured the 2009 USTA Southern League Championships and advanced to the USTA National League Championships which is considered by some to be the largest Adult Recreational Tennis Leagues in the world.

The Arkansas 2.5 Women's Team captained by Lacey Owenby - Fayetteville defeated the Alabama/Birmingham-Taylor Team 2-1. AR/Fayetteville-Owenby won at #1 Singles with Mariko Paschall defeating Jana Crim 6-0 6-0 . At #1 Doubles AR/Fayetteville-Owenby also won with Allison Ellison/Lacey Owenby defeating Susan C McDowell /Rosemary Weed 7-6 6-1. AL/BHAM-Taylor scored their only point by winning at #2 Doubles with Bethanne Taylor /Heidi Johnston defeating Beth Armstrong /Beth McEver 4-6 6-1 1-0.
Team members include Lacey Owenby, Tiffani Yates, Allison Ellison, Christine Daugherty, Beth Armstrong, Jacqueline Shearman, Mariko Paschall, and Beth McEver.

The Arkansas 4.0 Adult Men's Team captained by Marty Archer of Benton defeated the Kentucky Team captained by Jason Goff 3-2. At #1 Singles AR/Little Rock-Archer won with Kevin C. Luneau defeating Thomas C. Smithson 1-6 6-3 1-0. At #2 Singles KY/ASH-Goff won with Paul Stacy defeating Jimmy Sawyer 7-5 1-4 . At #1 Doubles AR/Little Rock-Archer was the winner with Brent Herring /Chris R. Dussourd defeating Ryan Walker /John May 6-2 6-3. KY/ASH-Goff won at #2 Doubles with Wilson C. Smith /Fred L. Cooper falling to Jason Goff/ Eddie Harris 7-5 6-1. At #3 Doubles AR/Little Rock-Archer won with Jeff R. Darling /Paul Chamoun defeating Del M. Beard /Bryan K. Mabe 6-3 3-6 1-0 .
Team members include Jeff Darling, Marty Archer, Paul Chamoun, Chris Dussourd, Phil Langley, Wilson Smith, Matt Foster, Alan Terry, Micah Fannin, Kevin Luneau, Jimmy Sawyer, Brent Herring, Kurt Lehigh, Mitchell Perry, and Fred Cooper.

The Arkansas 3.5 Senior Women's Team captained by Shirley Hunter/Teri Holmes of Little Rock defeated the Louisana Team 2-1. At #1 Doubles AR/LittleRock-Hunter/Holmes was the winner with Terri S. Holmes/ Pricilla P. Backus defeating Marie Duncan/Laura Koch 6-4 6-7 1-0 . At #2 Doubles AR/LittleRock-Hunter/Holmes won with Maureen Dickson /Tricia L. Buchman defeating Cindy Hines/Jan Ahlemeyer 2-6 6-1 1-0 . LA/New Orleans-Harper scored their only point at #3 Doubles with Sheri H. Levine /Gisela O'Brien defeating Shirley K. Hunter /Melanie M. Riley 6-2 4-6 1-0.
Team members includeTeri Holmes, Priscilla Backus, Tricia Buchman, Maureen Dickson, Melanie Riley, Shirley Hunter, Debbie Bennett, Kathy Campbell and Betty Brinkley Harrison.

These teams travel to Indian Wells, CA and Las Vegas, NV for the USTA National League Championships.