Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arkansas Junior Tennis Rankings- 2012 Tentative Final Rankings

Reed Churchill and Lindsy Pearce are the #1 ranked Arkansas junior tennis players for the 2012 season in the Boy's18 and Girl's 18 singles divisions. Other top-ranked players include:
Boy's 16s- Trent Brandon              Girl's 16s- Emily Metcalf
Boy's 14s- Marshall Ney               Girl's 14s- Emma Baker
Boy's 12s- Brandon Lupinek         Girl's 12s- Maddie McKee
Boy's 10s- JohnMaurras                Girl's 10s- Ashlee Shinabery            
Boy's 18s
1. Churchill, David Reed/Fayetteville
2. Guy, Cole Chapman/Pine Bluff
3. Sheppard, Jordan    /Bentonville
4. Cramer, Taylor/Texarkana
5. Henry, Kyle/Fayetteville

Girl's 18s
1. Pearce, Lindsy/Fort Smith   
2. Tang, Tiffany/Rogers
3. Wright, Mary/Hot Springs
4. Metcalf, Emily Ann/Jonesboro
5. Tarwater, Annie/Texarkana   

Boy's 16s
1. Brandon, Trent/Little Rock
2. Jacoby, Jake/Little Rock
3. Deluca, Dylan/Bentonville
4. Talbert, Matt/Hot Springs
5. Greer, Grayson S./Little Rock

Girl's 16s
1..Metcalf, Emily Ann/Jonesboro
2. Branum, Katherine/Jonesboro
3. Darter, Alye/Rogers
4. Beaver, Alexis/Fayetteville   
5. Coopersmith, Nicole/Pine Bluff

Boy's 14s
1. Ney, Marshall Smith/Rogers
2. Kauffman, Spencer/Hot Springs
3. Harrison, Hunter Matthew/Little Rock
4. Hill, Jack Henry/Hot Springs
5. MacKey, Connor/Jonesboro

Girl's 14s
1. Baker, Emma MeiYuan/Bentonville
2. Rice, Tatum Brooke/Hot Springs
3. Coopersmith, Nicole/Pine Bluff
4. Nettle, Catherine Mary/Bentonville
5 Ward, Kami Rave/Hot Springs

Boy's 12s
1. Lupinek, Brandon D/North Little Rock   
2. Barnett, Wesley/Little Rock   
3. Rouse, Eli/Jonesboro
4. Rogers, Foster/Little Rock
5. Chakka, Anil/Little Rock

Girl's 12s
1. McKee, Maddie/Jonesboro   
2. lucas, margaret porter/Little Rock
3. Rice, Thea Hale/Hot Springs
4. Maurras, Evelyn/Jonesboro   
5. Roper, Hunter/Jonesboro

Boy's 10s
1. Maurras, John/Jonesboro
2. Rouse, Ryan John    / Jonesboro   
3. Mars, Thomas/Rogers   
4. Dassinger, M Sidney/Little Rock   
5. Swope, Hayden/Rogers

Girl's 10s
1. Shinabery, Ashlee/Jonesboro
2. Richardson, Elizabeth/Jonesboro
3. Greer, Piper/Little Rock
4. Shelton, Madison/Jonesboro
5. Killingsworth, Brooke Elizabeth/Rogers 

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