Monday, September 29, 2008

2007 CATA Axciom Fall League Results

Here are the results of the most recent CATA league (Fall 2007)...... How do you feel you played? Who do you expect to win this time? Who was the toughest player/team to play? Best forehand you came up against? Backhand? Serve? Hottest female player? Hunkiest male? Gimme your thoughts people! .......Let's just share a little here....... What changes are you expecting this round?
Here's a correction from Chris E.:
Just for the record, there was some sort of misunderstanding, but I was in fact 8-0!! not that it matters to anyone, just thought I would let everyone know!!! :-)

Men's 3.0 - 1st Kalyan Jonnalagedda 5-12nd Abhishek Bhardwaj 4-23-way tie for 2nd - John Mathison 4-2 SL 5Abhishek Bhardwaj 4-2 SL 5Barrett Petty 4-2 SL 6Tie between John and Ab w/ SL = 5
Head-to-head Ab d. John

Men's 3.5 group 1 - 1st John Hoffman 6-02nd David Ingram 5-1

Men's 3.5 group 2 - 1st Chris Edquist - 7-12nd Adam zimmerman - 7-1head-to-head Edquist d. Zimmerman

Men's 4.0 group 1 - 1st Ken Berry - 6-02nd Mike Horton - 5-1

Men's 4.0 group 2 - 1st Jason Lyon 8-02nd Roger Meredith 5-3

Women's 2.5 - 1st Rebecca Smith 7-12nd Sarah Juola 7-1head to head Smith d. Juola

Women's 3.0 - 1st Amy Trickett 4-12nd Leanne Lefler 4-13-way tie for 1st place - Lefler 4-1 SL 2Trickett 4-1 SL 2Longinotti 4-1 SL 3Tie between Amy and Leanne w/ SL = 2
head-to-head Trickett d. Lefler
2-way tie for 2nd place -
Lefler 4-1 SL 2Longinotti 4-1 SL 3head-to-head Lefler d. Longinotti

Women's 3.5 - 1st Terri Hazelwood 4-12nd Erica Eldridge 4-12-way tie for 1st place - Terri Hazelwood 4-1 Erica Eldridge 4-1head-to-head Hazelwood d. Eldridge

Women's A doubles - 1st O'Neal/Potts 4-12nd Hazelwood/Pence 4-12-way tie for 1st placehead-to-head O'Neal/Potts d. Hazelwood/Pence

Women's B doubles - 1st Gifford/Trickett 7-02nd Lefler/Dussourd 6-1(3rd Shipp/Horton 5-2)

Mixed A doubles - 1st C. Dussourd/J. Dussourd 5-22nd K. Warren/D. Warren 4-32-way tie for 2nd place
Warren/Warren 4-3
Pence/Grif 4-3head-to-head Warren/Warren d. Pence / Grif

Congrats to all who played! Way to go!!!

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