Saturday, December 13, 2008


The USTA player ratings for 2009 have caused quite a stir in Central Arkansas. Teams have been blown up! New teams are forming quickly and players are moving in all directions.
Feel free to post any news, opinions, or related info. We all need to keep up.


New_AR_Hacker said...

Early Favorites for Men's:

4.5 Men: Carter Fairley if he can find a Singles Player. I assume Alex Rivas will Captain a depleted Jonesboro Team with Depth, but how many will stay or will the team fall apart?

4.0 Men: Danny Robinson lost his 2 ringers but he always knows where to look for another

3.5 Men: Wide Open with the mass exodus caused by the ATA/USTA demolishing of the best teams across the state.

Anonymous said...

The ATA/USTA claims to have no control over any of the ratings but it's interesting who gets bumped and who doesn't. This one is heresay but came from an ATA employee. Any knowledge about it?:
The ATA "punishes" players by moving them to a higher level. That is just plain weird. Why not a suspension instead of placing them at a level they didn't earn? Who came up with that idea anyway? Anyone know about that?

Anonymous said...

The women's ratings went wild. It appears every team has been destroyed. Looks as if there are going to be lots of new teams and players moving around. Change is good though. 2009 will certainly be a new year.