Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tennis Talk Remembers Pillars in ATA

The Arkansas Tennis Community has lost several pillars in the ATA over the past years. The passing of Bob Munger, Virginia Bailey, Ann Loomis and George & Lib Dunklin have left a void in our lives. Their memories are carried on through their children.
Bob Munger of Little Rock was a fixture at the Pleasant Valley Country Club. His children continue to play team tennis including a grandson Chris Jones who was a Southern 14s champion in his youth.
Virginia Bailey of Little Rock enjoyed watching her children so much that she had a hardcourt in her backyard. Her granddaughter Rebecca is a top ranked juniorin the South in the Girls 18s. Her son John is active in team tennis today.
Ann Loomis of Little Rock was active in the tennis community and the ATA. Her daughter Myke Loomis was All SEC at the Univ. of Alabama and currently is the Head Pro at a Florida resort.
George & Lib Dunklin also enjoyed the sport so much that they built a claycourt behind their house. Their son George continues to play tennis and duck hunt. He is the present Game and Fish Commissioner.

Tell us of any people past or present that have influenced your life through the game of Tennis.


Anonymous said...

It sure is quiet today. The editor must have gotten tired of the ranting and changed topics on us.

Anonymous said...

I have met so many wonderful friends and mentors through tennis who have influenced my life. The sport and people who've come into my life because of it have molded me and continue to. I am still friends with coaches I had growing up and we stay in touch regularly. As an adult the list is endless of women (and men) who have been and still are there for me in tennis and life. I would say without a doubt one of the huge benefits tennis brings with it are wonderful people. My personal list of names is endless

CindyG said...

Numerous people have had an influence on my tennis playing but the most influential would have to be Denise Bradley. She was my very first tennis instructor when I was 9y/o and after not touching a racquet for almost 20 yrs it was she who got me back into playing once again. She is an absolute jewel ...... a great tennis player as well as one INCREDIBLE friend!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember Ann Loomis helping me pick out tennis outfits when I was a little girl. I also remember her being associated with the ATA. all were such serving people. They gave an incredible amount to the tennis community in AR and it wouldn't be here today if not for them. Times will never be the same as today's group is more on the self serving side. I miss the old days. Thanks for the memories and for remembering such important people in the history of AR tennis.