Monday, October 5, 2009

Arkansas 4.0 Men's Team Places 2nd in USTA National League Championship

Marty Archer's 4.0 Men's Team finished second in the USTA National League Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Darling Tennis Center. Archer's Team representing the Southern Section lost to the Eastern Section Team 4-1. The Arkansas Team won at #2 Doubles with the Eastern Section sweeping #1 & #2 Singles and winning the #1 & #3 Doubles in third set 10-point tiebreaker.

Team members include Jeff Darling, Marty Archer, Paul Chamoun, Chris Dussourd, Phil Langley, Wilson Smith, Matt Foster, Alan Terry, Micah Fannin, Kevin Luneau, Jimmy Sawyer, Brent Herring, Kurt Lehigh, Mitchell Perry, and Fred Cooper.

Congratulations to another great Arkansas team!

*** See comments for detailed team results.

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FINAL RESULTS- Eastern vs Southern

#1 Singles eastern is the winner. Ignacio Arenas
Completed Vs. Kurt Lehigh 6-1
#2 Singles eastern is the winner. Scott A. Simon
Completed Vs. Kevin C. Luneau 7-6
#1 Doubles eastern is the winner. Daniel Calhoun
Adam Kolenberg
Completed Vs. Brent Herring
Chris R. Dussourd 6-4
#2 Doubles southern is the winner. Raul Narciso
Chris A. Colesanti
Completed Vs. Micah Fannin
Paul Chamoun 6-1
#3 Doubles eastern is the winner. Russell Baier
James Dell Italia
Completed Vs. Jeff R. Darling
Mitchell L. Perry 2-6
eastern (Home Team): 4 Wins southern (Visiting Team): 1 Win

SEMI-FINAL RESULTS- Southern vs Florida

#1 Singles florida is the winner. Daniel Mork
Completed Vs. Kevin C. Luneau 6-3
#2 Singles florida is the winner. Alejandro Salinas
Completed Vs. Kurt Lehigh 6-4
#1 Doubles southern is the winner. Daniel Harwin
Gary Reif
Completed Vs. Brent Herring
Chris R. Dussourd 6-3
#2 Doubles southern is the winner. Juan Pablo Camargo
Luis Valdivieso
Completed Vs. Paul Chamoun
Micah Fannin 6-3
#3 Doubles southern is the winner. Stephen G Tate
Jaime H. Vaca
Completed Vs. Mitchell L. Perry
Jeff R. Darling 6-2
florida (Home Team): 2 Wins southern (Visiting Team): 3 Wins

Anonymous said...

Great Final Curtain Call for Brent Herring as he exits the 4.0 realm of tennis!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brent should have been in 4.5 already. It is a shame that the USTA doesn't do a better job of putting players where they belong especially after a player like him has won over 85% of his 4.0 matches and has went to 3 straight Sectionals....bring the verifiers back in some capacity.

Anonymous said...

Little Rock will soon be naming streets and their children after these guys!

ProudARtennisplayer said...

I hope they do name children and streets after them! Everyone gripes that no teams from Arkansas make it to sectionals and now we have a team come in second in NATIONALS! Way to go guys!
Know what the streets of the guys who wished they were one of you will be named?

Anonymous said...

I agree, this team shows that you can play by the rules, field a fair team and be rewarded by going to Nationals. The 4.5 teams can learn something from these guys. It is called "KHARMA". Lie, steal, and cheat and KHARMA will bite you in the ass everytime.

Anonymous said...

just think, had robinson's team gotten by archer's team without sawyer, they might be national champs.

Anonymous said...

that is assuming robinsons team is mentally tough to win 9 matches in a row against State /Regional Champions. i noticed how many 3-2 wins archers team had without sawyer, do you really think robinsons team had the mental toughness to duplicate that?

Anonymous said...

Congrads to the best AR 4.0 team of all time!