Monday, November 16, 2009

Central Arkansas Tennis Association (CATA) Announces 2009 Annual Award Winners- "click here for other cata news"

The new Central Arkansas Tennis Association (CATA ) announced its annual tennis community award winners.

Denise Bradley received the Meritorious Education Award.

Bill Sanders was awarded the Outstanding Service Award.

Brian Knopp, City Parks Director, received the Community Service Award.

Chris Dussourd was awarded the Top Junior Player of the Year.

Betty Courtway received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Congratulations to these individuals for their generosity and unselfish commitment to our tennis community!

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Anonymous said...

It's about time someone recognized these people in the tennis community. They have been the backbone of Conway tennis!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dudes,

you guys have picked out some generous award winners! way to go... i heard that some people in the tennis community are just wanting handouts from tennis organizations in the guise of helping the tennis community. One dude even wanted his name on every tennis brochure as if being prez of some little tennis organization made him some authority. again, way to go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These award winners are the most deserving people in the tennis community. There is one gal running around to CTAs wanting free promotion and money for programs. A little to much selfishness for me. Glad she didn't get some award. Moochers are losers!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Zarina Gal made a public apology over resume padding? Tiger Woods even made a brief statement!