Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arkansas Women's 2.5 and 3.5 Tennis Teams Capture Southern League Tennis Championships

Two Arkansas League Tennis Teams- Arkansas Women's 2.5 Tennis Team (pictured above, after winning National Championships) captained by Beth Clark from the Rogers area and the Arkansas Women's 3.5 Tennis Team captained by Teresa Williams from the Little Rock area, captured the Southern League Tennis Championships in Birmingham, Alabama.

Arkansas Women's 2.5 Team-Clark/Rogers defeated Louisana/Shreveport 3-0 for the Southern Sectional Women's 2.5 Title. Members of the team include Beth A. Clark, Carolyn Dianne Gilmore, Alysia Diane Treece, Kiki Hoener, Andrea Kapales, Kathryn Miller, Paula Kaufmann, Deanna M. Moser.

Arkansas Women's 3.5 Team- Williams/Little Rock defeated Alabama/Gulf Shores 4-1 for the Southern Sectional Women's 3.5 Title. Members of the team include Teresa L. Williams, Shannon Taylor, Wende L. Walraven, Annie J. Turchi, Catherine Edwards, Jenni R. Rickman, Dee N. Whalen, Katie Alice Staggs, Catherine Piaton, Beth Wilborne, Jonie D. Burks, Mary Kathryn Nelson, Martha F. James, Jennifer Moline, Mary Carolyn Bailey, Laurie Houff.

Other Arkansas teams that came close to winning sectionals were the Senior Women's 4.5 team captained by Judi Fess and Vicki Taylor and the Regular Women's 4.5 team captained by Tamara McColey. The Senior Women's 4.5 Team-Judi Fess/Taylor lost 2-1 in a close match to the winning team from North Carolina. Judi H. Fess/Anne Magee were defeated by Sheila T. Ernest/Saundra G. Denny 6-3, 4-6, 1-0 at #1 Doubles in the deciding match. The Women's 4.5 team-McColey lost to Kentucky's team which might have cost them the championship, too.

Good Luck to these Arkansas teams as they head to Nationals!!!


Anonymous said...

Does anybody even pay attention to anything below 4.0?????

AlwaysTheBridesmaid said...

Thanks for the info but I've heard enough about all the "teams teams teams." I won over 75% of all the matches I played in this year. I've not been asked to be on a combo team and feel like the girl who didn't get asked to prom.

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain. i won 50% of my matches in regular season and didn't get an invitation to play on a mixed doubles team. combo season is coming up and so far no invites yet. i feel like the ugly step-sister!

notontour said...

The people who play below 4.0 are who pay attention to those levels, that's who.