Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arkansas Adult Tennis Year-end Rankings for 2010

The Arkansas Adult Tennis Year-end Rankings for 2010 have been posted. Below is a list of the rankings for each division.

Men’s Open Singles
Rank Player's Name City State
1 Arnoud Krijt Little Rock AR
2 Eric T. Sixbey El Dorado AR
3 Elliott Simmons Little Rock AR
4 Robert Allen Cain North Little Rock AR
5 Jason Diggle Jacksonville AR
6 John C. Hoffmann Conway AR
7 Robert Schuurmans Little Rock AR
8 Bobby Emerson Little Rock AR

Men’s 4.5 Singles
1 Julio R. Olaya Little Rock AR

Men’s 4.0 Singles
1 Lee H. Mesaris Maumelle AR
2 Braden J. Eads Fort Smith AR
3 Patrick L White Hot Springs Village AR
4 John C. Hoffmann Conway AR
5 Scott Deer Fort Smith AR
6 Adam H Buescher Fayetteville AR
7 Derek Jon Nordentoft North Little Rock AR
8 Brian N. Kelley Maumelle AR
9 Keith M. Fletcher Pine Bluff AR
10 Ryan N. Oyos Little Rock AR
11 Jeffrey Bahng North Little Rock AR
12 Scott G. Sudbury Little Rock AR
13 Reginald Q. Brown Jacksonville AR
14 Joe M. Sivley Little Rock AR
15 Andrew A. Willis Bentonville AR
16 Paxton Keith Crawford Plumerville AR

Men’s 3.5 Singles
1 Steven W. Tullos Hamburg AR
2 Travis Z. Rowan Little Rock AR
3 Matthew M. Mazzoni Jonesboro AR
4 Brooks R. Coleman Little Rock AR
5 Don Dobbins Jacksonville AR
6 Paul D. Kroger Little Rock AR
7 Richard Webb Hot Springs AR
8 Rodney Sullins Alexander AR
9 William S. Baxter Little Rock AR 10 Michael J. Castens North Little Rock AR
11 Jeff Franzetti Little Rock AR
12 Shep A. Wilbert Stuttgart AR
12 Fred A. Penny Malvern AR
14 Terry Murray Little Rock AR
15 Paxton K. Crawford Plumerville AR
16 J.J. Meadors Bryant AR

Men’s 3.0 Singles
1 Charles McGee Little Rock AR
2 Robby Patterson Jonesboro AR
3 Ken Richards Hot Springs Village AR
4 Barrett Petty Conway AR
5 Andrew J. Thompson Benton AR
6 Guilford Marion Dudley Benton AR
7 Marcus McNeice Mabelvale AR
8 Jay Adrian Baxter Little Rock AR
9 Michael Roetzel Little Rock AR

Men’s 2.0 Singles
1 Dan Griesse Fort Smith AR
2 TJ Stiga Fort Smith AR
3 Timothy Schmelzer Fort Smith AR

Women’s 3.5 Singles
1 Wende L. Walraven Little Rock AR
2 Jennifer L. Gernat Little Rock AR
3 Evelyn Brown Jacksonville AR
4 Michelle Taylor Little Rock AR
5 Kimberly Moros Little Rock AR

Women’s 3.0 Singles
1 Melissa Kaufman O’Connor Little Rock AR

Women’s 2.5 Singles
1 Robyn Webster Sherwood AR
2 Sarahbeth Turner Cammack Village AR
3 Angela Carole Johnson-Grimmett Paron AR
4 Laura E. McKinney Little Rock AR
5 Andi K Chappell Cabot AR

Men’s Open Doubles
1 John Doohan /Peter L. Doohan Fort Smith AR
2 Adam R. Brown/G Berry Brady Little Rock AR

Men’s 4.0 Doubles
1 Scott Deer/Braden J. Eads Fort Smith AR
2 Stuart Adrian Jones/Brent Birch Little Rock AR
3 John C. Hoffmann/Abhishek Shrestha Conway AR
4 Richard L. Fincher/Chris M. Collins El Dorado AR
5 Robert Schuurmans/Jerry Stokes Little Rock AR
6 Duwayne Anderson/Jay Davidson North Little Rock AR
7 Charles Hartsell/Joseph Hickey El Dorado AR
8 Brandon Kiker/Michael Anderson Benton AR
9 Craig Edwards/Michael Anderson Little Rock AR

Men’s 3.5 Doubles
1 Danny Howard /M Landon Luzader Bryant AR
2 Eric Harrison /Jeffrey Bruce Holiman Little Rock AR
3 Robby Patterson /Matthew Mazzoni Jonesboro AR
4 Seth Harder /Landon Davis Little Rock AR
5 Jerald N. Todd /Carl Brown Little Rock AR

Men’s 3.0 Doubles
1 Michael J Roetzel /Michael Justin Castens Little Rock AR

Women’s 4.0 Doubles
1 Cindy T.Eoff /Donna Devine Little Rock AR
2 Janelle Fureigh /Judy L. Furnish Little Rock AR
3 Deborah Benson /Rebecca Gilbreath Little Rock AR
4 Michelle Toliver /Sharon A. Adkins Little Rock AR

Women’s 3.5 Doubles
1 Melanie E. Bobo/Stacy Campbell Arkadelphia AR
2 Melissa ann Overton/Lori Ann Uekman Benton AR
3 Lisa L Sanderlin/Mechelle Winslow Greenbrier AR
4 Jennifer L. Gernat/Kim Gaither Little Rock AR
5 Paula B Aultz/Lynette Bowersock Little Rock AR

Women’s 3.0 Doubles
1 Teri C. Todd /Stephanie Michelle Blair Little Rock AR
2 Saba Koja /Crystal Phelps Little Rock AR

Women’s 2.5 Doubles
1 Geralyn Marie Applegate /Julie Annne Powell Little Rock AR
2 Melanie Love /Julianna Carol Barnett Benton AR
3 Angela Johnson-Grimmett /Laura McKinney Paron AR

Mixed Combo 8.0 Doubles
1 Wyatt Miller/Catherine Edwards Little Rock AR
2 Melanie E. Bobo/Jay Davidson Arkadelphia AR
3 Melanie A. Harder/Brandon Kiker Little Rock AR
4 Chris M. Collins/Debra L. Wilson El Dorado AR

Mixed Combo 7.0 Doubles
1 Lori Ann Uekman/Paul R. Bowersock Benton AR
2 Melissa Ann Overton/Danny Howard Benton AR
3 John Mathison/Erica Eldridge Conway AR
4 M. Landon Luzader/Stacy Campbell Leola AR
5 Lisa L Sanderlin/Jason H Sanderlin Greenbrier AR
6 Teri C. Todd/Jerald N. Todd Little Rock AR
7 Kimberly Lynn Babb/Dennis Ellington North Little Rock AR

Mixed Combo 6.0 Doubles
1 Jennifer Ellen Fielding/Chadley Dean Uekman Little Rock AR
2 Eric Harrison/Lynette Bowersock Little Rock AR
3 Tim Jernigan/Tracy L. Hand Little Rock AR
4 Jennifer Baltzley/Drew Baltzley Little Rock AR
5 Dale Adam Aldridge/Stephanie Michelle Blair Little Rock AR
6 Shemeka Joy Strong/Travis Z. Rowan Maumelle AR
7 Lori Ann Uekman/Chadley Dean Uekman Benton AR
8 Daniel Barnett/Julianna Carol Barnett Little Rock AR
9 Valla Seel/Chuck Seel Little Rock AR
10 Jerry Keith Williams/Mystie Jaggers Williams Little Rock AR


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Julio Olaya Sr. was both 1st and last place in the 4.5 singles? He must have been the only player that entered the Arkansas Closed event at LRAC that is necessary to get a ranking. He probably called the ATA to let them know that he entered but a draw did not make so that he could get ranked by default. He definitely is not the best Men's 4.5 in the state. Has he even learned how to serve yet? It still looks like a beginner serve to me! His volley is suspect to say the least, too. Myrna Sr. and Julio Jr. already beat him.

Anonymous said...

Lee Mesaris, the #1 player in the Men's 4.0 group, has beaten Julio Olaya which means Olaya would be ranked lower in the Men's 4.0 that he is in the Men's 4.5.

Anonymous said...

julio olaya sr is more like an upper level 4.0 player when looking at a ntrp level chart supplied by the usta league tennis committee. He is developing good consistency and spin, and has learned to lob defensively on difficult shots.