Friday, November 23, 2012

Umpires and Line Judges Lawsuit Against USTA Could Turn into Class Action

Lawsuit Against USTA Addresses Pay for Umpires and Line Judges


Anonymous said...

Something sounds fishy to me...... As the old Chinese saying goes "A fish stinks from the head down." Look at all the local financial problems and wrong doings. Years of overpaid salaries to the thankfully former ATA exec Leslie Pfeiffer in six figures and at least double or more the deserved salary, under the table dealings with the ATA, nepotism by board members and so SO much more. Read the recent article about the ineligible player on precious local league coordinator's (at the time) team and you will see what a sleaze Maureen Dickson has been to AR and the ATA. Wasn't Maureen's first either. I personally know of close to ten she has hidden out in the past on her own teams for guaranteed wins and "big trips to Mobile." Whoop de doop to her I suppose. No matter though:WRONG AND UNETHICAL.
This is just at the local level. Remember, a fish stinks from the head down. I hate to think of all the corrupt doings at the top of the USTA. I cannot even imagine. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

The US OPen Series of tournaments are not of a recreational organization. Your local junior or adult would classify as recreational but the USTA should lose this case in regards to its WTA/ATP tourneys. The US Open Is akin to the Super Bowl and games leading up to it. Check with our own Walt Coleman who is an NFL referee and see if he earns $250 a day. You will find out that he earns a six figure income which the chair umpires deserve!

ARtennisplayer said...

Will be interesting to see how the outcome. Thanks for the info. Great blog you have. Appreciated and enjoyed. Happy Holidays.