Sunday, December 16, 2012

Caroline Wozniacki Wins Laughs with Serena Williams' Imitation

Caroline Wozniacki imitated Serena Williams during an exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil.The imitation consisted of Wozniacki stuffing towels down the front of her top and the back of her skirt in an attempt to mimic Williams’physique.
Wozniacki adjusted the padding as the crowd whistled while Maria Sharapova looked on in astonishment. Wozniacki added Serena-esque grunts while hitting shots down the middle of the court. When she won a point, Wozniacki fist-pumped enthusiastically and took the towels out of her clothing. 

Crowds love to see the pro players, such as Wozniacki and Novak Djokovic, exhibit a little of their comical side. This was another one of their lighter moments and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it.

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