Friday, October 28, 2011

Jake Jacoby of Pulaski Academy and Tiffany Tang of Rogers win the Overall Arkansas State High School Tennis Championships

Jake Jacoby (pictured right)of Pulaski Academy defeated Cole Guy of White Hall 6-3,6-4 for the Overall Arkansas State High School Tennis Championships in the Boy's Singles division.
Tiffany Tang (pictured below)of Rogers narrowly defeated Lindsey Liles of LR Central 6-3, 1-6, 6-4 to win the Girl's Singles division title for the second straight year.
In the Overall High School Doubles divisions, Kevin Morris/Matt Tabler of Bentonville def Jordan Sheppard/Zach Ellis of Bentonville 6-1, 6-4 for the Boy's title. Allie Wilson/Olivia Foster of Greenwood def Julia Lefler/Sarah Kauffman of Lakeside, HS 6-4, 2-6, 6-2 for the Girl's title.
The winners of the singles/doubles titles in each conference are as follows:

7A Boy's Singles- Reid Churchill-Fayetteville
7A Girl's Singles- Tiffany Tang-Rogers

7A Boy's Doubles- Sheppard/Ellis-Bentonville
7A Girl's Doubles- Ravikumar/Lundy-Heritage

6A Boy's Singles- Austen McDaniel-Jonesboro
6A Girl's Singles- Arielle Butler-Searcy

6A Boy's Doubles- Drew Morgan/Weston McDaniel-Jonesboro
6A Girl's Doubles- Taylor Zane/Kaily Nix-Jonesboro

5A Boy's Singles- Cole Guy-White Hall
5A Girl's Singles- Ali Rowden-Greenbrier

5A Boy's Doubles- Hudgens/Messersmith-Lakeside HS
5A Girl's Doubles- Foster/Wilson-Greenwood

4A Boy's Singles- Jake Jacoby-Pulaski Academy
4A Girl's Singles- Emily Metcalf-Valley View

4A Boy's Doubles- Sean Corrothers/Brett McClain-Pulaski Academy
4A Girl's Doubles- Maddie McJunkens/Nancy Purnell-Nashville

3A Boy's Singles- Trent Brandon-Episcopal Collegiate
3A Girl's Singles- Maggie Beetstra-Episcopal Collegiate

3A Boy's Doubles- Bo Turney/Jeff McIntyre-Episcopal Collegiate
3A Girl's Doubles- Laura Lanier/Steele Strauss-Episcopal Collegiate

2A Boy's Singles- Drew Dodge-Conway Christian
2A Girl's Singles- Anna Brickell-Riverside

2A Boy's Doubles- Eubanks/Reeves-Ridgefield Christian
2A Girl's Doubles- Weaver/Wilson-Riverside


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Austin Crawford was not a conference winner and destroyed the little 2A Conference winner Drew Dodge 6-0, 6-2? Also, the LR boys have dominated the overall title for several years.

Anonymous said...

Max Mendelsohn will be the next high school tennis star. He might be a 7th grader but he had beat the 2A Conference winner and several others. See tournament results:Otter Creek Junior Spring (AR Level 4 (Open)& AR Level 5 (Novice/Ranked)
Results for Maxwell Mendelsohn
 Boys' 16 Singles O (Draw Line - 4) back to top 
F Maxwell Mendelsohn d. Grayson Greer 6-2; 6-1
SF Maxwell Mendelsohn d. Brandon Williams 6-4; 6-2
Q Maxwell Mendelsohn d. (1) Bobby Emerson 6-3; 6-1
16 Maxwell Mendelsohn d. Drew Dodge

Anonymous said...

Jake Jacoby and Taylor Cramer are the top Arkansas juniors at the present time. These guys are still young and are still playing 16 & under events. They could dominate ArkTennis for several years.

Anonymous said...

Tang had to struggle to beat Liles. Liles has gotten better but Tang's game has stalled a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Crammer no longer lives in Texarkana, he is training at TBAR in Dallas.