Friday, January 24, 2014

Mary Smith Wastes Money of Taxpayers in Conway on $133,000 Christmas Tree Purchase

Mary Smith, who serves on the City Council of Conway, chose to bypass competitive bidding on an extremely overpriced $133,000 Christmas tree purchase. Mary Smith's history of  reckless spending of taxpayer's monies has caused the city budget to be mismanaged to the point that the firemen and policemen were forced to sue the city for failure to provide pay raises promised them from a 1/4% sales tax (Read Arkansas Business article by Kate Knable on October 1, 2012 of Russell Wood Law Firm lawsuit on behalf of city workers).

Mary Smith says that she supports families and children, but in reality Smith has caused severe pain and agony to these precious city employees and their children by causing layoffs and no pay raises for them.

Call Mary Smith at 501-472-9211 or email her at and let her know that you are disappointed in her reckless spending of your hard-earned money. Mary Smith's City Council term ends December 2014.

Political Ad Paid For by: Citizens for Responsible Gov't

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