Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Southern Senior Cup- Arkansas Team Results

The Southern Senior Cup was played over the weekend in Huntsville, AL. The Arkansas teams, playing in the Men's and Women's 35-75 age group divisions, felt stiff competition from their opposing teams from the Southern Section. Both, the Arkansas Men's and Women's teams lost in the first round of each division. Below are the main draw results of each Arkansas team:

Women 35s- NC def. AR 3-0
Simona Galik(NC)d Paula Juels Jones(AR) 6-1,6-1
Amy Dillingham(NC) d Brandy Tunnel(AR) 6-0,6-0
Galik/Hollman(NC) d Tunnel/Ladenhoff(AR) 6-3,6-1

Women 45s- AL def. AR 2-1
Cindy Lucas(AR) d Liz Moorman(AL) 4-6,6-1,10-2tb
Patti Randolph(AL) d Sheila Jackson(AR) Default
Upchurch/Thompson d Tarwater/Fess(AR) Default

Women 55s- MS def. AR 3-0
Camielle Soulier(MS) d Bonnie Wettengel(AR) 7-6,6-0
Anne Cooke(MS) d Leslie Jackson(AR) 7-6,6-4
Randall/Thompson d Jeter/Wettengel(AR) Default

Women 65s- LA def. AR 3-0
Peggy Andry(LA) d Barbara Thompson(AR) 6-0,6-1
Jan Pierson(LA) d Margaret Collier(AR) 6-2,6-3
Andry/Pierson(LA) d Potts/Adams(AR) 6-1,6-1

Women 75s- AL def. AR 2-1
Nell Seavey(AL) d Sally Palmer(AR) 6-2,6-2
Anita Larose(AL) d Anita Russell(AR) Default
Sitz/Russell(AR) d Seavey/Larose(AL) 6-4,6-2

Men 35s- GA def. AR 2-1
Martin Kajevski(AR) d Ramon Bernal(GA) 6-3,6-0
Stephen McQuillen(GA) d Eric Sixby(AR) 6-3,6-3
Buerkle/Klebonde d Kajevski/Sixby(AR) 6-3,7-6

Men 45s- SC def. AR 3-0
Anthony Stewart(SC) d Donnie Wallis(AR) 6-2,6-0
Al Cannon(SC) d Thad Beck(AR) 6-3,6-3
Besley/Watkins(SC) d Bailey/Murphy 6-4,6-1

Men 55s- GA def. AR 3-0
Rob Castorri(GA) d Bill Bodie(AR) 6-1,6-1
Tom Smith(GA) d David Beauchamp(AR) 6-3,6-4
Reid/Schnall(GA) d Jackson/Lucas(AR) 6-1,6-2

Men 65s- SC def. AR 3-0
Emile Rasheed(SC) d Bill Eby(AR) 6-1,6-1
Dewey Varn(SC) d David Sherry(AR) 6-2,6-3
Varn/Nitsche(SC) d Bell/Fincher 6-1,6-0

Men 75s- **** No AR Team Competed ****


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Arkansas does poorly at the Southern Senior Cup because Arkansas is an NTRP tennis state in which your only tennis consists of NTRP tennis events. The Southern Cup consists of top nationally ranked and seasoned tennis players who are accustomed to a variety of tough competitiors. It looks like Martin Kajevski was the only player prepared for this tourney.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Arkansas has a lot of out-of-shape singles players with all the doubles played at your NTRP events. Kajevski had the only easy singles win in the main draw.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see an Arkansas team at the Southern Cup this year. I haven't seen a team there in several years. We miss playing Arkansas each year because the other Southern states need an easy first round match. We always have fresher legs for the next harder round match if we get to play an Arkansas team first.

Anonymous said...

How does one get nominated for the Southern Cup, seems like there are many players out there who could compete just fine.
50+ you have Collazo, Bowman, Fess, etc..
Kevin Hickey plays tons of tournaments, I would say Cavin would be right there in the 45's, Barry Brady, and a host of others.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Flagler College's former #1 player easily defeated Paula Juels Jones, a former #5 at Tennessee?Flagler College is a small NAIA school and Univ. of Tennessee is a huge SEC D-I school. Does that mean that Juels-Jones couldn't have played at the top of the NAIA schools?

Anonymous said...

Ray Pascale is the highest nationally ranked Men's 55 tennis player in Arkansas. The Arkansas team could have used him to get a singles win. Doug Stursma has a high national ranking in the Men's 55 also. Who is in charge of forming the lineups? I place the blame on that individual the most!!!!

Former Female College Player said...

To: Editor

Your blog is read all across the South. I was playing doubles with 3 ladies from Georgia who read your blog regularly. One of the ladies in the group commented about how her mother once was executive director of the Georgia Tennis Association. She mentioned how poorly your executive director, Leslie Pfeiffer, operated your tennis association. I'm sure that she has read the recent news about the resignation of Pfeiffer and is rejoicing with the Arkansas tennis community, too!

Anonymous said...

Over the next few years, Arkansas should have a great team. The Southern Cup is for the odd age group divisions. Some players were even age group players and were competing against younger players. a few more years and Arkansas better players will be competing within their own age group.

Anonymous said...

David Beauchamp played down an age group and played an excellent match against Tom Smith, one of the better 55 and older players in the nation.

Southern Cup Cap said...

How does one get nominated to participate in the Southern Cup you ask? There is one way and only one way. You are a chosen friend of the captain. In the case of AR you would need to be a good buddy of Paula Jones. She put the team together and hand-picked each member. How was she chosen to be captain you ask? She decided to be and all that was necessary was a call by her to Southern who then informed her of all she needed to do and sent her the information. Having been a captain for many years in a Southern state myself I must tell you it is quite a job but a captain can delegate to an extent. I do not know of Ms. Jones but am very familiar with many players mentioned in a latter post from AR and am wondering myself why certain mentioned parties weren't chosen. AR needs a captain who is more familiar with the players in AR and knows those who regularly play Natl tourneys. I was embarrassed for The state of AR but mostly for the captain. Who allowed such a choice?

Anonymous said...

Tell the truth, Galik defeated Paula Juels-Jones because she was far more fit. It's tough to physically carry that extra junk in the trunk!!!