Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leslie Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the Arkansas Tennis Association, Resigns Effective 12/31/11


Leslie Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the Arkansas Tennis Association, stated that she would retire on December 31, 2011. She reported that the Burns Park Tennis Center expansion is finished that includes twelve (12) 36'tennis courts for eight (8) and nine (9) years olds, and events have expanded to 80 per year. The National Site Meeting group is visiting the Burns Park Tennis Center, looking for a location to have the national league championship in 2013. She thanked the commission and said it had been a great year.

Commission Member Jeanne Hyde made a motion, seconded by Commission Member Bruce Waller, to accept and file this report. All
voted aye and motion passed unanimously.
Commission Member Vicki Stephens thanked her for their work and coming to the meeting.


Anonymous said...

I wish you would publish your polling data that showed how much Leslie Pfeiffer was disliked among the Arkansas Tennis Community. I heard it was broad based among top umpires, junior parents, USTA Adult League members, etc.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why anyone thinks this incompetent board will do anything correct, word is the current president is in line to take over Leslie's position.
Of course that is only if Dick Akel allows it since he pulls all the strings of the good doctor on the board.

Anonymous said...

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